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We all know the company that claims to be “the best in the business”. But what makes a company, truly the best. It is the most popular slogan we see in marketing campaigns, yet when we work with the company, we find out they are not always the best at what they do, in fact, sometimes they are the complete opposite. Therefore, if a company is as good as they claim to be, they will do these five things.

They will be transparent. We all know the company that is not exactly up front. Whether you get an unexpected cost on your bill or a deadline gets pushed back without you being notified, some companies like to keep secrets from their customers. The best of the best will not only be transparent, but they will openly communicate with their customers about deadlines, possible problems, and all costs will be up front.

Clients will freely post their testimonials. Companies who provide the best service will find customers willingly giving testimonials for the company. They will not have to beg for their customers to leave them five stars but rather the customer will give them a great review on their own time because they were truly satisfied with the service that was provided.

Other companies will talk about them. In a good way! If you are in the type of business field where you are working with contractors or other agencies you want these business partners to talk about your company to other individuals in the same field as them. Getting business by word of mouth is one of the best ways because that means someone you have worked with before not only had a great experience, but a good enough experience to recommend you to a colleague.

Someone will help you right away or provide a solution on how to help.It is important to the companies who are the best that they take care of their customer’s every need. Whether it be answering every phone call or starting from scratch on a project it is their job to provide a solution to every need and inquiry a customer may have.

If they don’t do the job right, they will correct it. Lastly, if a company makes a mistake in anyway shape or form, they should fix it, no questions asked. Not many companies feel the responsibility to take ownership of a possible mistake, therefore leaving a customer upset and losing all possibilities of future business opportunities with them. If your company makes a mistake, own it, correct it, and move forward.