Every business is unique in its culture. The format of a day in the life of a typical employee depends not only on the culture of the office but also what industry you are in. TJS is, like its name, in the service industry. Meaning customers are relying on us to get the job done no matter what. Look below to see what a day in the life is like here at TJS.

7:00 AM – Majority of our office is present in the office by this time Monday-Friday. The employees here currently are the accounting department, service managers and administrators, HR, and about half of the sales staff. Our service techs are out on the road and usually heading to their first job site if they are not already there. This is also the time our phone lines open, so we are busy right from the get-go!

8:00 AM – This is when the rest of our sales staff arrives. We now have a full office that is hustling, and our field techs are well into their first jobs.

9:25 AM – This is our first break of the day! If the weather is nice some employees will go for a 10-minute walk or make breakfast in the break room.

11:00 AM – The staff that arrived at 7AM is halfway through their workday, lunch is on everyone’s brain, and the completion of tasks continues.

12:00 AM – It is FINALLY lunch time!

12:30 PM – Lunch is over and it is back to work for the rest of the afternoon!

3:30 PM – The staff that arrived at 7 AM will go home.

4:30 PM – The staff that arrived at 8 AM will go home and the phones will stop ringing. Some employees will stay late so they can get to some paperwork that they were not able to during the day.