Starting every Monday, we will be doing an employee spotlight! We want you to get to know us a little better and be able to know the people you are working with when you do business with TJS. The first person you will be meeting is me! The person behind the blogs. Look below to find out what I do here at TJS and some fun facts about my life.

Name: Jillian Jungels

Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Job Description:  A fun way to describe what I do is I keep the company’s brand in check and make sure we are portraying the best and most honest image we can to our customers. Whether it be through our website, business cards, or social media I am there to make sure the correct message is portrayed. Daily I check our social media page, write blogs for the week, make email lists, and try to imagine what questions our customers could be asking. I also help the sales team find and attend networking events.

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with true crime TV shows and documentaries. The last one I watched was the Aaron Hernandez documentary, but I watch Criminal Minds, the show, almost every day.

Favorite Quote: “Even if it was going to end in heartbreak, wouldn’t it still be worth it?” I use this as a reminder that there is always a chance for heartbreak and tragedy in the world we live in, so I need to show love to the people I care about every day because there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

Something that inspires you every day: My future.