We are at an odd time in history where there are four different generations in the workplace. These four generations are the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. A lot of times research and articles are covering how to manage all four generations in the same workplace. However, there are no go-to articles to discuss how to sell to all four generations at one time. While there are many factors to consider for each generation and their buying power, we are going to highlight the most important ones below.

                Without further ado lets start with the Baby Boomers. The most pivotal factor when it comes to selling to Baby Boomers is honest conversation and realizing they are only going to buy what they need. Therefore, it is important to build trust when selling to this generation but also to not oversell them on things they would deem unnecessary.

                Next up, we have Gen X. Generation x is very direct. Meaning they want a very clear path that outlines what the buying process will be. They will most likely do some research beforehand so they will walk into a sales discussion prepared. Therefore, if you are going to be primarily selling to this generation it is crucial you know everything about the product you are selling.

                Millennials often get a bad rap. This generation was born from 1981-1996 and have had many events take place during their lifetime that have impacted them. They have seen the boom of the internet, as well as 9/11. Both events have greatly impacted their buying habits. Millennials have the tendency to be more demanding and do not like to be inconvenienced. Therefore, online shopping is there best friend. This is a very large factor to keep in mind when trying to sell to this generation because they will most likely want to communicate over email or phone not in-person. This is also the generation with the most buying power.

                Last but certainly not least is Generation Z. This generation does not have a ton of buying power now as the oldest a person can be in this generation is 24. This generation has a very large entrepreneurial spirit that many consider entitlement. Either way this generation is very similar to the millennials in that an in-person meeting may be considered an inconvenience and email is preferred over talking on the phone. This generation is large on taking their time with things so do not expect the a sale to go fast.