We believe it is important to recap the best ways to contact our company. In our industry there are multiple levels of importance that we evaluate every time we get a service call. Whether it be an emergency or a quick fix, our service managers are constantly evaluating the best way to meet all our customers’ needs in a timely fashion.

            Therefore, we are going to discuss the best ways to contact the person you need to speak with here at Tee Jay Service.

            By far the fastest way to talk with someone is by calling us at 630-406-1406. Please make it clear whether you are looking for a quote/estimate or looking to place a service call. Now you are probably thinking what the difference is between the two. Here is the difference. If there is an immediate problem with your door you need to place a service call. If you are looking to replace doors or are calling for a larger project, you need to talk with a salesperson for a quote. Either way you need to have your building address ready so our service administrator can put you in contact with the correct person.

            If you do not have time to make a phone call, we have a contact us form on the homepage of our website that you fill out and it will be sent directly to us. However, keep in mind that there may be a one-two day delay in us responding to your request.

            You can also contact us on Facebook via messenger or by posting on our page. The page is checked multiple times daily so we will see your message or post within a few hours. We will make sure to message you directly once we see the post so we can gather your contact information.

            If you found this post helpful, please leave us a review of Google or Facebook!