It is the time of year where we all try to give back as much as we can. Whether it be personal or through our company we all want to do as much as we can to help those in need around us. For business owners, it can be difficult to identify the best way for you company to give back so below we have a list of tips and tricks on how your company can put its best foot forward during the holidays!

  1. Volunteer locally.

The holidays are a very busy time. Employees will be taking time off, there will be distractions, and everyone is looking forward to the annual company Christmas Party. So, with all that is going on how does most of your company find the time to give back?

            We suggest going to a local volunteer organization. For Tee Jay Service we have a local Feed My Starving Children about 10 min away from our office that we volunteer for. It is a great cause and a volunteer event that many of our employees and their families can attend.

2. Participate in a ‘drive’.

            If your company cannot find a good time to all go out and volunteer together than another great option is to participate in a drive which you can bring to the office. Whether it be food, clothing, or gathering supplies for a local pet shelter, a company can gather these supplies at the office!

            All you would have to do is reach out to a local food pantry, shelter, or other business gathering items and ask to participate. Some organizations will need you to bring all your donated items to the location or some will even pick them up for you at your office.

3. Set up a philanthropy club.

            Companies that have many employees will sometimes set up a club within their organization that focuses on giving back to the employees and the community. This can allow the company to participate in volunteer events throughout the whole year!

            Employees can choose to be a part of the club and help brainstorm events for the company. Some companies will make sure that the board members plan a certain number of events per year with a certain budget. Or the club will function through employee donations. Either way, they will be helping boost company morale.