One of the first things you learn about a business is what they stand for. They typically post a lot about it on social media and a lot of businesses paint their values on their office walls. The goal of this is so that employees are constantly reminded of why they are working so hard. Therefore, if you are noticing a lack of employee engagement it may be time to revamp your core values or remind your employees what they are. Look below for tips on how to proudly display your company’s core values.

Put It on A Sign

There are so many options for customizable signs these days, there is no excuse to not have your company’s mantra displayed! Even if you don’t want to display your company mantra every day the board linked below allows you to be creative with what you want your employees to hear.

Start with It at Team Meetings

All team meetings should start with how your company is achieving your core values. One of our values here is hard work. In our quarterly newsletter and our company meetings we make sure to highlight the larger jobs we have done so that employees understand hard work pays off and that upper management recognizes it. This also helps employees become dialed in on the company’s mission.