In today’s blog we want to discuss the power of a good review and the power of a bad review, and how to deal with both. When operating a business, we tend to praise the good reviews and ignore the bad ones when we should be doing the exact opposite. Now, we are not saying to praise the bad reviews, but rather pay attention to them and use them to help your company become better.

                This seems like the obvious thing to do but there are several companies who ignore the bad reviews and do not take into consideration what the customer is saying. Therefore, in this blog we are going to teach you how to decipher the bad reviews and use them to your advantage.

Always Check ALL Your Reviews

                There are multiple different platforms where someone can leave a review for your company. Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. It is important that you are checking every single platform frequently to make sure you are not missing a review.

Celebrate the Good and Work on The Bad

                It is important that you let you employees know about a good review that someone has left about working with them. Not all good work needs to be monetarily compensated, often employees are perfectly happy with a simple “Good Job!” from a customer review. But with good comes the bad, you also must let your employees know when a customer was not satisfied with their or the companies service. This is when the company comes together and acknowledges what they did wrong, what could have been done better, and then plans on how to prevent this from happening again in the future.