Back in October 2019 we started posting company blogs with a new series called Blog Post Wednesday. Since our blogs have been gaining so much traction, we are going to start writing blogs twice a week!

That means we will no longer be maintaining the same schedule as we have the past few months. We will now post blogs every Monday and Friday. The perfect way to start and end your week!

Our Facebook posts will remain on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But we will be replacing Blog Post Wednesday with a new series! This new series will be called Mid-Week Motivation and focus on how to push through the rest of your week because we all know Wednesday is one of the more difficult days to stay focused.

With this new schedule comes new content and content goals. In 2020 we are hoping to post more video content. Whether it be employee interviews or a behind the scenes look into our office or shop we want to post more engaging content!

Therefore, if there are any posts that you would like to see please let us know. You can email with your ideas or feedback. We are very excited for this new year and we hope you are too!