It is the last month of the year and we cannot believe it here at Tee Jay Service Company. Our company has grown and had its trials throughout the year just like any other company and we could not be more thankful! We have learned lessons, weathered change, and came out a stronger team. We cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for us. Below you will find a list of how to make goals for your company for the new year and how you can stick with them!

1.Think of what needs to change.

Among the trials and problems your company has worked through this year it is important to recount them approaching 2020. A lot of companies will not think of the mistakes they made when it comes to making new goals. Often the company will make goals without thinking of what really needs to be changed. An example would be of setting a goal that everyone in the company needs to reply to emails within a day. Alright, but why are employees taking so long to reply to emails now? Do they have too heavy of a workload? Are they being looped into conversations that do not pertain to their department?

The key is to make sure that when you make a goal, it is working on a problem, not the result of a problem.

2. Make sure the goal is realistic.            

More times than not, the goals individuals set are not realistic. We see all the time people who have never gone to the gym, get a gym membership and they are no longer going by February. But maybe if they would have started off slower, like going on walks around their neighborhood and quick at home workouts, maybe they would have been more successful.

The same applies to career/work-based goals. Instead of making a content calendar for the whole year, set a goal to make a content calendar every month when the month approaches. Trying to plan 12 months ahead at the end of the year is, you guessed it, unrealistic.

3. Make sure everyone is aware of the goals you have set.    

There is nothing worse than being left out of a big idea. Especially when the big idea affects your job duties or department. It is crucial that when you are setting company goals that everyone is notified so the goal can be properly achieved. If one person is left out, they could be the crucial piece to the puzzle of making the goal a reality. Therefore, send out an email or have a team meeting making sure everyone on the team is aware of the goals and the requirements needed to make the goal a reality.