The last week of October is National Health Care Facilities & Engineering Week. This week we appreciate not only all health care workers but also the engineers and facility workers that go into making a hospital a smooth operating facility.

Without them hospitals would not be a trusted space for society. Here at Tee Jay Service Company, we work with health care facilities to keep their operations running smoothly by providing the best automatic door service that we can. This year health care facility workers are working in overdrive to keep hospitals running smoothly with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Health care facility workers have done amazing things during this pandemic in making sure that the facilities are clean.

With that, Tee Jay Service Company is here to help. TJS can provide a multitude of no touch entryway solutions that businesses can implement to reduce surfaces that are being touched as customers or patients enter certain facilities.

Here at Tee Jay Service company we are happy to serve the health care facility teams and engineers here in Illinois. For any and all automatic door solutions please call 630-406-1406 to speak with a sales associate or visit our website