It was a big week for us here Tee Jay Service Company as we got a huge technological upgrade! It has been a crazy year and we are thankful that we were able to take large leaps to help improve our company’s ability to adapt. With that being said, new technology can come with frustration. No matter how much prep work is done, there will be blockers along the way. Your login may not work, your monitor could be showing a glitch, something just might not connect just write. However, even with all these possible problems, we need to adopt the mentality of treating our work technology, like an employee. On our Facebook page we recently posted a Ted Talk titled “Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague”. In short, the talk explained when technology at work is mistreated or mismanaged it will only burden our business. But if the programs and technology are being properly managed by the correct employees, and it is being treated with patience and respect, it will only improve everyone’s work experience. Now it might seem strange to think of technology as a fellow employee, especially since technology is so often debated. Is it making our lives better? Are we relying to heavily on technology? What will future generations look like since they grew up with access to pages upon pages of knowledge with a simple Google search? All of these are fair questions but there are negatives and positives to everything. Including technology and every work environment. Before we give up on learning something new, or not giving that new employee a chance to prove themselves, ponder how this could help your company. Think about how this could help your everyday life! Change is scary but it is often worth it. So, when you walk in into work and see that your desk is filled with new technology and you have to login to all of your programs again, treat it with respect. Acknowledge what it is doing for you, think about how this technology is helping you exponentially. Embrace the change and treat change with respect.